About Cookgypsy

2017-03-31_20-19_856.jpgWelcome to Cookgypsy, my kitchen diary, online cookbook, reference guide and more. I started Cookgypsy as "the Rogue Gourmet" back in October of 2005 to help me share my recipes with friends and family. Today I am migrating the Rogue Gourmet's content and database of 300+ recipes exploring foods from all around the world, into Cookgypsy to keep the site fresh, and functional as technology changes, and to reflect a new direction in my life, and this now 12 year old project. 

This whole project began in the modest galley of my live-aboard motor-yacht the Bobbel K, on the Potomac river in Washington DC. For the first 4 years, this site focused on that more urban existence,  with its remarkable cultural richness and nearly unparalleled culinary resources, wrought by the enourmous and varied diaspora that makes up our Nations capital.

Today my daughter and son and I  live, cook and eat at 7200 feet in the high plains of Wyoming.

Being a "foodie" and living in a region that is both high altitude and that the US government lists as a "Frontier Community" has it's challenges. Living in Wyoming is different from DC, to say the least, and over the years I have grown to love it here and today I am happy to call it home. That said, cooking in Wyoming is a wholly different experience, from a complete lack of any fresh ocean based seafood of note, to water boiling at 198 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2017-03-31_20-35_756.jpgFor a time, as I learned my way around a new kitchen, more limited ingredients, a new food culture, and new high alititude cooking rules, I put the brakes on the site and didn't write much, partly because I was learning new things, and partly because I didnt' feel like I could speak with much authority on livng, and cooking in a place that is as different as Wyoming is from Washington DC.

Today time has passed, and I am feeling much more confident about living and cooking here, and I happy to restart the blog, but with a new name to better reflect my new place, new home, and new attitude.

I am a great lover of experimentation and cooking outdoors, and many of the recipes you find here will reflect far flung tastes, specialized ingredients, and more often than not might be cooked over fire (heck in a fire!), in a sous vide bath, or in a smokehouse... But I have also reserved a place for the more traditional dishes that have been handed down from family. If you look you will find some of our family classics; from both my mothers family in Virginia, and my fathers family that has a culinary soul forged in the years his family spent living in Puerto Rico.

I hope that you enjoy the website, try out some recipes and come back for seconds. And always, please feel free to contact me with any of your questions, recipes, or thoughts.


A Little More About Cookgypsy

The Rogue Gourmet is an entirely Not-About-Profit affair, and is run for entirely for the joy of it.  I do not do any paid advertising on the site, or take payment for anything I do on the site, rather I prefer to participate as a positive citizen of the web and help make it interesting by doing this site for the enjoyment of others, and for the pure interest in the material I present.


Site Use Agreement and Disclaimer: All of the information contained in this website is intended for entertainment purposes only. The Author makes no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or express, as to the appropriateness, timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and/or usefulness of any of the information contained in this site. There may be errors in the information presented. The Author assumes no risk or obligation for your use of this website or the information which it presents.


Please don't waste you time or mine with advertising related requests. I won't do them. I won't do sponsored content, keyword linked advertising or any of that. it makes my site look littered with crap and just isn't my thing. I have a job, this is my hobby and I love it, and want to to stay my hobby so please don't ask.